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We carry chandeliers, sconces and the very best selection of lamps.

Colorful Paintings by Susan Gillette;  Whimsical Bronzes by Bryce Pettit;  Ceramic Accents by Barbara Peacock. 

Fine Art, Pillows, Vases, and more …

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*Some of the Artwork and Products you see on this website are one-of-a-kind pieces and may no longer be available.
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SBI Showroom … An Inspiration for Interior Ideas

Sophisticated & Elegant

The “Carefree Style of Living” … Contemporary comfort

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Sue Bickerdyke Interiors showroom -

An updated collection from Theodore Alexander:  

  • Extention breakfast / game table gives you the option to seat up to six people.
  • Host chairs are a contemporary look with white hair on hide on the back and a white linen on the front.
  • Amazing console – A must for every room – Great to use in a dining room or under a TV.
  • White printed velvet wood frame chairs and ottoman, as comfortable as they are good looking.
  • One of a kind petrified wood stump – great as a pedestal or accent table.
  • Bronze sculptures from Bryce Pettit.
  • Candlestick Yuccas from Susan Gillette.
Arizona Influenced

The “Carefree Style of Living” … A combination using four of “The Five C’s of Arizona”: Cotton, Copper, Cattle & Climate

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It’s the Mix … not the Match! 

  • Century Wedge Sofa – Multiple styles choices in hundreds of fabrics.
  • Verde Copper Coffee Table – View more of these examples HERE.
  • Throne Chair with Leather/Fabric Combo – See more details HERE.
  • Hand-Painted Leather Chair – Tufted leather with Ledger style art.  For close-ups see Classic Ledger Art section below.
  • Hand Woven Ikat Area Rug – Contemporary Southwest design.
  • Bronze Rabbits – “Jack & Jill” sculptures by Bryce Pettit.
Details … More is More!

The “Carefree Style of Living” … Demand for COMFORT … A Throne Fit for Royalty

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Sue Bickerdyke Interiors showroom

Let’s not miss a detail … of this THRONE:  

  • High back, swivel, wing chair.
  • Black and white hair on hide is placed on the outside back.
  • Black leather inside back with black leather double fringed on the skirt.
  • Double row of silver touching nailheads.
  • Woven kilim design for comfort against your skin.
  • Red leather lumbar pillow is the bow on the package.
  • Matching ottoman can double as extra seating.
Impeccable Workmanship

The “Carefree Style of Living” … Everywhere you look, you see the beauty in workmanship and hand tailoring 

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Sue Bickerdyke Interiors showroom

SBI showroom vignette by Wesley Hall  

This sleek contemporary wood frame chair could also be called a THRONE … let’s not miss any of the details:

  • Nailheads outline the sleek contemporary wood frame chair.
  • Leather banding under the nails in the front outlying the white shearling.
  • A decorative bridle on the outside back of the chair.
  • Note the pattern match of the blue / swivel chair.
  • Sofa is an understated elegant statement piece, as comfortable as it is great looking.
  • Hand woven throw and pillows pick up the blue accent.
  • Hand woven area rug is an exclusive at SBI, available in stock in a wide selection of sizes.
Dragonfly Maiden

The “Carefree Style of Living” … The infinite possibilities of our choices

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Sue Bickerdyke Interiors showroom

This vignette is a nod to Nature: 

  • The paloverde tree sets the back drop to the Dragon Fly Maiden.
  • With a medicine bag in her hands and a pouch around her neck, I am reminded of the infinite possibilities of ways to DO LIFE … exactly as you can imagine and as full out as you dare.
  • Here we have black and red and white … Let’s create your interiors exactly how YOU would love to live.
So Many Choices

The “Carefree Style of Living” … Choose what you want!!  Make it comfortable for YOU!!

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Sue Bickerdyke Interiors showroom

The STYLE you want, in the SIZE you want with ALL the OPTIONS you desire

SBI showroom is unique in the opportunity to actually see and touch furniture to know what your preferences are:

  • Century Furniture is an American made furniture company whose motto is “Infinite Possibilities. Unlimited Attention.”
  • These two chairs show selections when ordering:
    • Left chair – show contemporary options with a tapered leg, cut back track arm and horizontal cut stripe fabric.
    • Right chair- dressmaker skirt on a ring swivel base, english arms and medallion woven fabric.
Luxurious Leather

The “Carefree Style of Living” … As comfortable in your chair as you are with yourself!

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Sue Bickerdyke Interiors showroom leather recliners

Leather Recliners made by McKinley Leather, an American, family owned factory.

Among the options to choosing the style and the leather:

  • You can also choose if you would like it automated.
  • The butterscotch chair and the light grey are the same chair, shown in different leathers!
  • This Style has been our BEST style for comfort from Wesley Hall, another American family company.
  • We work to keep this option on our floor for your “ sit test.”
Elegant Weaves

The “Carefree Style of Living” … we LOVE our native wildlife!

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Sue Bickerdyke Interiors showroom

Bronze Quail bed by Bryce Pettit is the back drop to these:

  • Elegant Hand Woven throws and pillows.
  • Bedding, pillows, window treatment and all fabrications are part of the beauty of working with a custom studio.
  • Choose pillows and throws or let’s play with yarns and fabric swatches to create any palette that works for you.

Call (480) 595-0171 to schedule a personal tour of our showroom