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Colorful Paintings by Amy Lay | Patina Metal Art by Trevor Swanson | Whimsical Bronzes by Bryce Pettit | Native American Artifacts Paintings by Sue Krzyston

Fine Art, Pillows, Vases, and more!

Sue Bickerdyke Interiors - front entrance

*Some of the Artwork and Products you see on this website are one-of-a-kind pieces and may no longer be available.

SBI Showroom … An Inspiration for Interior Ideas

Arizona Influenced

The Five C’s of Arizona are Cotton, Copper, Cattle, Climate & Citrus

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It’s the Mix … Not the Match! 

  • Copper Coffee Table  48″ D x 20″ H  $3,975
  • Copper Sofa Table  (center of picture)  78 x 18 x 31 1/2  $2,600
  • Copper Square End Table with Lower Shelf  28″ Square  $1,695
  • Triangle Patina Verde Copper End Table  28 x 25 x 24  $1,225
  • Patina Verde Copper Console (right side of picture)  44 x 14 x 32  $1,575
  • View more copper tables.
  • Hand Woven Ikat Area Rug
  • Tatum Swivel Chair with Tibetan Lamb’s Wool Pillow
  • Leather Fringe Chair
  • Wood Framed Club Swivel Chair
  • Fine art painted on patinaed metal from Trevor Swanson (left to right)
    • Quail Family  20 x 30   $4,850
    • Autumn Embrace  30 x 16   $3,950
    • Guardians  12 x 24   $2,500
    • Royalty  20 x 56   $7,500
    • Last Light Glow  20 x 40   $6,750
    • Canyon Majesty (SOLD)
    • Star In The Desert  20 x 56   $7,500
    • Desert Harvest  15 x 21   $1,850
    • Desert Reds  15 x 21   $1,850
    • Storm Front  26 x 51   $8,500
  • Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculptures from Bryce Pettit (left to right)
    • Hummingbirds (SOLD)
    • Wine Bottle Stoppers   $225/each
    • Bobcat  23″ H  $6,200
    • Roadrunner   $6,800
    • Jill with Attitude  12 x 18   $3,600
    • Furcomference Fox  15″ D   $3,200
    • Quail Lamp with Chicks   $3,400
    • Walking Grizzly Bear   $1,800
  • Raku Vessels (left to right)
    • Golden Ambrosia Pour Vessel   $2,600
    • White Pour Raku Vessel   $2,800
    • Blue Pour Raku Vessel   $2,600

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Details … More is More!

Demand for COMFORT … A Throne Fit for Royalty

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Let’s not miss a detail … of this THRONE:  

  • High back, swivel, wing chair and ottoman. Black and white hair on hide is placed on the outside back. Black leather inside back with black leather double fringed on the skirt. Double row of silver touching nail heads. Woven kilim design for comfort against your skin.
  • Red leather pillow is the bow on the package.
  • Quail Lamp with Chicks by Bryce Pettit
  • Red hair on hide rug
  • Faux horn end table

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Luxurious Leather

As comfortable in your chair as you are with yourself!